Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Evening in Wyoming

Last night was a pleasant evening. Our daughter-in-law, Sara, arrived to join Ben here. Along with her were her parents, Mark and Orit. With these relatives here from North Carolina and Michigan, our daughter and son-in-law, Maria and Eric, hosted us all for a delicious dinner out in their yard. Although we felt a few drops and saw some threatening clouds, the weather was really quite cooperative.

Mark and Orit arrived with gifts for our little granddaughters. They really hit the mark with little princess costumes!

They felt so very beautiful and special!

I received a dandelion from a princess.
THAT doesn't happen every day.

Cordelia felt it was important to teach Elise how to bow in her royal dress.

Sara tells me she is not photogenic.
I do not agree!

Sara and Ben  

And introducing Orit, Sara's mother...
I know she looks sad but she was just listening intently to Maria telling her something.
I thought it was a pretty photo of her anyway, and I promise 
I will show smiling photos of her as well.

And this is Sara's Dad, Mark. 
I think he's also listening intently to something Maria was saying.

I don't think Mike and Sam were listening intently at all.

Rudely, I did not get any good photos of our host and hostess.
I don't know what is wrong with me.

Later, we showed Orit and Mark a big view of Wyoming from part way up the mountain.

 Sara took over the camera so I could be in some of the photos as well.
I really loved this one of Mike & me.
I'll likely use it over and over until you are all sick of it.

The four parents all lined up in front of Wyoming.
The four of us became related back when Sara and Ben were married,
and we've really grown to appreciate these people.
Mike & I always find them easy to visit with and fun to be around.
It was nice of Sara and Ben to bring them into our lives!

And another nice photo of Sara and Ben...

It's probably a good thing we were running out of light as 
I may have just kept making people pose. 
I do that.

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