Monday, January 14, 2013

All Together

It didn't last long enough, but for a time Mike and I had all three of our adult children, both of our children-in-law (that's a term, isn't it?) and our two granddaughters all together in one place. It was wonderful. One of my favorite Arizona memories from this trip will be the day we all went for a walk enjoying some desert nature.

Ben and Sara came were there from North Carolina.
It was so great to get to spend time with them.

Cordelia was pretty happy to see Uncle Ben.
Can you see the adoration in her face?

Elise was happy to have Sara tote her around because Sara knew the trick. It looks awkward but Elise wants to be held facing outward so she can see where she is going.

We were walking around a Riparian Reserve so the bird-watching was fabulous.
I think this is a Blue Heron. Am I right? I love his beard!

I wonder if others in this reserve thought Maria and Eric were some sort of celebrities. Don't they look like a movie-star family?

Oh yes, I got time with the little girls as well.
I just felt so happy that day!

This guy was one of the locals.

Mike is standing on his tippy toes to be as tall as Sam.  
Pitiful really.

We made friends with some geese (groupies) who kept following us.

Ben showed Cordelia what to do with this perfect tree.

Arizona has its own beauty.

While I looked at this group of people I thought back to Mike and me at 15 years old, meeting in our little high school. I don't think I was capable then of imagining the joy of looking together at our children and grandchildren. I am so grateful for these moments, happy to share them with Mike.

I love my people!

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