Saturday, September 19, 2015

Adding Some Culture

I recently had a fun evening.  After work I went to our local artist guild's gallery for a talk by none other than our talented son-in-law, Eric.  He currently has a showing up of some of his photographs. He has published a book to go along with it as well.  In fact, today I was told he was at a book signing. Doesn't that sound cool?  And to think, I knew him before he was such a big deal.  No, that's not true. He's always been a big deal to us.

So, I went a little early to watch the girls while Eric did the meet and greet thing. Maria was teaching an art class elsewhere but arrived soon.  The girls feel very much at home at the facility. They used up some energy in the back room first. Cordelia explained to me that she needed to do that so she could be good during her Daddy's lecture.

Maria came soon enough to enjoy Eric's lecture as well.

Like I said, the girls feel at home there.  I set them up with stickers and paper. I enjoy this photo as Cordelia was trying to cooperate for a photo but she couldn't quite take her eyes off the stickers.

 And here is Eric nearing the end of his lecture.  I felt proud to be his mother-in-law.

After the lecture we went to the other side of the building and shopped at a Turkey Trunk Show!  Ha ha! I just read what I wrote.  Anyone else picturing a turkey with a trunk?

No, this was a show of items a young artist brought back from Turkey, where she now lives.  She had some beautiful items and served interesting and delicious finger foods.

I feel oh so very cultured!

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