Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Fine Art of Stubbornness

You may remember our friend, Allen.  He had a life-changing year I think about 9 years ago.  His life was turned upside down while he slept for 39 days!  When all was said and done he had a new heart and two artificial legs.  You can read his story in his own words here.

On Monday we received a phone call letting us know that Allen was in the emergency department after having experienced an accident at his home.  He'd expected to be enjoying a barbeque with his family but instead was in pain and waiting for a  surgeon.   When we went to be with him we knew he was really hurting, but he still managed to joke around with us.  Amazing.

Allen's accident occurred because he is a stubborn man, and I am saying that lovingly!  He was trying to do some things that he probably should've asked others to do.  That's Allen, though.  I expect that most who meet him don't realize he has someone else's heart and artificial legs.  That's because he doesn't let anything slow him down!  That same stubbornness that got him wounded this week is likely one of the qualities that has sustained him for the last 9 years.

Allen is a faithful reader of my blog so I'm using today's post as my get well card to him.  Allen, heal quickly and use that stubborn streak to surprise us all once again at your resiliency!

G E T   W E L L !

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