Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Woman's Heart

Last night we started a new Lady's Bible Study at our church. We are doing A Woman's Heart by Beth Moore of LifeWay. I've mentioned her studies before. We have a workbook, complete with homework, and watch a video presentation as well. It is always interesting and I enjoy the women who attend. There are women I know from our congregation as well as women from other congregations. It's really quite lovely.

Since last night was our first lesson, the video was really more of an introduction. We started out reading some passages from Exodus 25 as this study is about the Tabernacle. That sounded like kind of a boring theme at first but the Tabernacle is mentioned more than 100 times from the Old Testament through the New Testament. It must be important.

In my notes from last night I wrote this quote, "He came to us so that we can come to him." It was referred to as the theme of the Bible. I guess that is true in many ways, really. We couldn't come to God by ourselves; He initiated it. I don't always understand why we are so important to him. We mess up so much from a personal level to a global level. Yet, he does love us and wants us to be close to him. Amazing.

Are you doing any Bible Studies right now? Do you prefer to study alone or does a group help motivate you?

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