Friday, December 07, 2012

And Now For a Word From Our Sponsors...

Those of you as old as me will remember when T.V. commercials were preceded with the words, "And now, a word from our sponsors..." Well, today I am interrupting my blog for a commercial for Wyoming Rose Boutique.  

Maria and I have been busy making a lot of new items for Wyoming Rose Boutique!  Maria has already listed many of the new items and there will be more coming in the next few days.  I wanted to show you a few that we've just listed.

All of our items are always 100% vegan.
You'll likely recognize this adorable little model.

 I hand crocheted this poncho with 100% cotton thread.
Yes, I even followed a pattern... for awhile. 
I admit, I kind of did my own thing around the bottom.
I like how it turned out.

Maria made this cute little blueberry hat.
Isn't it sweet?
And the homegrown model is 100% cute! 

Thanks for tuning in.
I'll be back tomorrow with my regularly scheduled program blog.

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