Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Report 2014

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? Mike and I got out of town. We weren't with any of our own offspring for this holiday, but we were with relatives. We were invited (or maybe we invited ourselves) to my Mom's.  Mom is a great cook and makes the whole thing seem so easy! I feel a bit guilty because she did all the work, but I can live with that, I guess. 

Upon arrival we got to meet the new addition to Mom's household. His name is Gus and he has a quirky personality, which is to say he fits right in with us all. He is a Pomeranian and Chihuahua mix. Sounds weird, huh? I guess it kind of is but I liked his look, right down to the little spirally white hairs coming out of his ears. He is still a puppy so he had a lot more energy than the rest of us!

Next to arrive was my niece, Steff. She, too, has a fun and quirky personality. This photo is her serious look. Don't buy into it.

This is Steff's you-aren't-really-taking-yet-another-picture look.

My nephew, Steven, is always the best dressed among us. Always. Every family needs at least one member with some class.

I managed a quick photo of Mom, although she was busy, busy, busy.  I know what you are thinking, "That's your Mom? She looks as though she could be your sister! And wasn't she just recently in the hospital and very, very ill?"  I told her a few days earlier that people looked at me funny when I said she was cooking for us all.  My friends all knew of her scary medical struggle just over a month ago. Mom's response to that was, "Well, people recover." 

My younger sister, Tina, was there as well. She thinks she isn't photogenic but I liked this photo!

As Mike and I were driving home we were enjoying the Wyoming beauty. I had heard earlier in the week all the warnings about Thanksgiving traffic and to expect slow going in many places around the country.  As you can see, that wasn't a big issue here. I am glad we live out West where crowding is not a big concern

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