Friday, March 30, 2012

This is My Friend, Grandma

Cordelia has been really entertaining us lately!  Her vocabulary is excellent for a 2 year old and when you throw in that free-flowing imagination of a child it adds up to lots and lots of FUN!

This week I went with Maria and Cordelia for a quick medical appointment.  It was a happy day as it was my first time to hear the heartbeat of Cordelia's little sister.  Cordelia has been with her Momma to these appointments before and was happy to be showing me the ropes.  As we pulled into the parking lot she said, "This is how we live, Grandma!"  I wasn't quite sure what she meant but I think she was just referring to that place being part of their lives now.

Just before we entered the office Cordelia noticed a stone by the steps.  She was excited to pick it up and adopt it.  She kept a good hold on it all through the appointment, showing it to others along the way.  Later, as we were driving in the car, we gave Cordy a sucker.  Well, Cordelia is good at sharing and soon we heard her trying to share her sucker with her stone, "Here you go, little fella!"  It was adorable.  Sometimes we hear the best things coming from that little car seat in the back.  Once, I heard her say, "Shiver me timbers!"  I think I also heard a bit of a pirate's accent!

That day was also our weekly meeting for lunch at the mall day.  While the others were in line for their food I was strolling around with Cordy.  We were looking at some big photos hanging on the wall and she had some definite thoughts about them.  One was a big horn sheep.  Cordelia calmly told me that he was looking for worms.  Another photo was of a magnificent soaring eagle.  Cordelia told me the eagle was looking for helicopters.  "Helicopters?" I said.  Cordy replied, "Yes, and airplanes.  He's looking for helicopters and airplanes so he can play chase!"  OK, then.  There you have it.

Yesterday Maria and I met a friend for lunch.  When the friend arrived, Cordelia gave her a big hug and then turned to do introductions.  She said, "This is my friend, Grandma, and this is my friend, Mommy."  Yesterday  Cordelia also said, "You are precious to me, Grandma."  It just doesn't get any better than that!

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