Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Novice No More

Guess What?!  I just learned to take photos of myself with my new Acer Iconia Tablet!  Also, I just figured out how to transfer them to my wounded laptop.  For you younger readers, you probably think I should've instinctively known how to do that, huh?  But I am middle-aged and for my readers who are in that category, you know exactly how proud I am of myself at this moment, don't you?  

And, as I decided this was a reasonably good hair day, I just kept taking more 

and more

photos of


OK, enough of that!  

I am celebrating!

I have been blogging for a year!  Actually, I just missed my anniversary.  I was thinking it was coming up but I just checked back to my first post and it was February 20, 2011.   It was kind of a strange post, but I just sat down and started blogging about what was going on that evening.  Truthfully, I didn't think I would keep up with it all.  

At first I didn't want my name to be attached to my blog.  I went by Orange Paisley.  Funny, huh?  Well, I like orange, I like paisley, and together they just seem like me.  It made sense to me at the time.

According to my stats, my all-time most read post was A Change of Heart.  That was my recent interview with my friend, Allen, who received a heart transplant.  I was kind of pleased with myself for the title choice but Allen was responsible for the rest of the article.  Thanks, Allen!

My second most popular post was Breath of God.  I've no real good explanation for that but it makes me happy.  Again, I had very little to do with that one as it is the lyrics to a song that I did not write.  I did not even come up with the title!  See how easy it is to be a blogger?

When I started my blog I didn't really tell anyone except Maria.  She was the one who introduced me to blogging and she was the first to leave a comment for me, followed by Momma CupKate.  Thanks, Kate!  It was quite awhile before I even told Mike I was doing this!

Looking back, I can see how Cordelia has grown and that we've made some progress with Bode.  I've told embarrassing stories and introduced you to members of my family.  I have asked you to help me name my craft room and even drug you through a terrible tutorial.  

I don't have any good explanation for why I have kept up with blogging.  I was horrible at keeping up with my children's baby books, I can't seem to put photos into albums, I still haven't done Christmas Cards from 2011 and I have projects tucked all over the house that I've not completed.  I do love working on my computer and I love to write, though, so maybe I've finally found my "thing". I no longer fall asleep at night wondering if I'll have anything to write about the next day.  I just enjoy writing this blog.  Thanks for checking in and reading it!

Thank-you for stopping by. Feel free to use my photos but please link them back to my blog. I am honored if you wish to share content of any of my posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc. as long as it is linked back to my blog.

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