Saturday, May 07, 2011

Back to Sewing!

Yesterday, as I worked on my room some more, I kept turning green!  No, I wasn't sick.  I mean, literally, I kept turning green.  Remember that I was spraypainting the dresser the day before?  Apparently you really should do it outdoors or in an open garage as the can says.  Although I couldn't see green anywhere, it kept showing up on my hands!  It seems a green dust had formed on some surfaces.  My computer was in there (Netflix kept me entertained as I worked) and so everytime I use my computer yesterday, I got green fingers.   It was weird.

The important thing, though, is it is all back in order and my dream room is again being used to create!  No carpet yet, but that will come.  I also haven't had the guys move my new/old sewing machine and cabinet up from the basement yet.  I'll tell you more about that someday but it will stay downstairs until the carpet is in.

Here is a picture of two of my shelving units.  The one on the left has fabrics, patterns, etc.  The one  on the right has jewelry-making items as well as beautiful yarns.  I don't know what it is but I just love looking at all that potential there, especially the fabric and yarns!  It is kind of like I have my own craft store!

This is where I sew.  I was so excited I had to start a quilt already.  I've been watching the series Eli Stone on Netflix as I worked so I just kept watching it while I sewed.

So, I am going with Kate W.'s suggestion of calling it the Paisley Room.  I just love paisley fabric and I love saying the word Paisley.  I looked it up on Wikipedia and found that the design we know as paisley is from India and Iran.  The word, paisley, is from a town in Scotland.  I have some Scottish roots; maybe that explains my love of that word!  I even like Brad Paisley!

Lucky for you all, I just backspaced over an educational lesson regarding paisley.  I decided to leave a little mystery, meaning I didn't want to get tooooo boring.

You probably can't see it but that quilt top has some black and white paisley in it.  I noticed that a LOT of my fabric is paisley.  I'm going to move my paisley giraffe in there for inspiration and I think I will make a paisley wallhanging for decoration!

Kate, I thank you!


Maria Rose said...

Paisley room!

Melanie Schwaesdall said...

Very nice organization!

Kate Ware said...

YAY! You are most welcome! :) Enjoy your new, inspiring Paisley room!

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