Monday, September 08, 2014

Mountain Photos

My photos seem inadequate for showing you how very beautiful the mountains were when we were there Saturday. We were with good friends, had great weather...couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.

I wish I could share the smell of it as well!  Yes, there was a beautiful mountain smell but as we were hiking along a stream I kept smelling a new smell. It was very, very strong but it wasn't unpleasant. When I finally mentioned it, one of the men told me it was from the Elk. We'd seen a place where elk left their tracks and where they'd bedded down. I guess they were leaving their scent for us as well.

I'd never ridden in a vehicle like this.

Our friend, Mary

Our friend, Jim

I love watching hawks as they soar above.

Do you know what you are seeing here?


Mike by the shell of a burned out tree.
Do you suppose it was hit by lightening?

Aaaaah, I just wanted to soak in the day.

 Mike and our friends, Bob and Jim...
Men talking about manly stuff.

 Simple Beauty

There were a lot of ponderosa pine.

Even as they end their life cycle, there is beauty.

It was so peaceful.

This flower is definitely past its prime, but still caught my attention.

We did a lot of hiking.

We could have done a lot more hiking.

There was a spring that bubbled up and made a little stream.

I wasn't the only one taking photos.


I really, really like this photo of Mike.

 Ponderosa Pine

Jim and Mary followed in their own Razor.

Yep, about two more weeks and the aspen will be breathtaking.

We think that was a turkey vulture up there.

Sometimes we'd come out of the thick trees 
to see a beautiful expanse of prairie. 

Don't you wish you were there?

The trees were sooooooo thick!

 Can you see the sage hen there?
Or is it called a prairie chicken?

 There were so many different kinds of trees up there.

Our friend, Celia

You'll be surprised to know that I took an over abundance of photos.
More tomorrow!

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