Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Trip Down a Very Short Memory Lane

Cordelia and Bumblebee spent the evening at our house last night so you know we were having a good time!  I brought up a toy box from the basement that she'd not seen for a few months.  Apparently, even when a person is only 2 years old, it is fun to travel down memory lane.  She got pretty excited discovering and remembering.  She picked up the Jesus Bunny and declared, "This is my favorite!"  The Jesus Bunny was actually a gift to Pastor Mike but luckily pastor/grandpa shares.

Then she noticed something she had not noticed before.  She thought it was funny that the Jesus Bunny has bunny slippers!

She rediscovered the little golf clubs.  Remember hall golf?



Other excitement from the evening included Bode and Bumblebee dancing, chase game with Sam, watching a Strawberry Shortcake Movie (which Cordelia told me was her "Mudder's favorite"), reading books and eating cookies.

As the evening was winding down she said to Grandpa, "You play music and I will wisten to you!"  Grandpa of course obliged.  Cordy remembered that one of the baby rattle toys at the bottom of the toy basket was a guitar.

What could be better than an evening listening to Grandfather and Granddaughter play their guitars together?

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