Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hall Golf

Cordelia came to visit us last night, along with her "big sister", Bumblebee.  We played with toys, watched Wonder Pets, ate crackers (or more accurately, fed crackers to Bumblebee), and snuggled.  At some point along the way, Grandpa Mike and Cordelia started up an exciting game of Hall Golf.

"What is Hall Golf?", you ask.  Well, I'm not sure of the rules, exactly, but I took some pictures as they played.

First, you've got to have a golf ball.  We're not talking about a plastic doesn't-hurt-when-your-grandaughter-bops-you-in-the-head golf ball.  We're talking about a REAL golf ball!

Then, of course, you have to use golf clubs.  Thankfully, Grandpa opted for the plastic kind in this case. 

Grandpa showed Cordelia how to carry her own clubs.  She wasn't sure that was such a good idea...

Since by this time Bumblebee decided to join the game, she was drafted to be the caddie.  I don't think Bum thought that was a good idea either, but it pleased Cordelia.

It's ok because Cordy gave Bum 
 hugs to show her appreciation.

After that I had a little trouble figuring out how this game was played but it seemed to involve running...

...and tickling....

...and walking on all fours.

Then came the phase of the game where I guess you had to pound on doors and walls with the ball and/or the clubs.  I didn't quite get the purpose of that but it was obviously very important to get the full fun experience of Hall Golf.

Sometimes you are supposed to just toss the ball....look-out Grandma Sue!

Afterward, you have to let your caddie rest.

While the golfers discuss what a great game they had.

Hall Golf... Do you think it will become an Olympic Sport?


Kate Ware said...

What precious photos, Sue!! EVERYONE should get to enjoy a game of hall golf with their grandpa and a caddie like Bum!! :)

Maria Rose said...

Well, she sure had fun!

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