Friday, May 20, 2011

Forest Bakery

Remember when I won the contest to name a new scent for Yellow Rose Gifts, Co.?  Well, my prize candle has arrived and I LOVE it!  I have met many yummy smelling candles in my life and this one can hold its own to any other.  I really enjoy the scent!

I was delighted with the picture Melanie chose for the label!  I'm not much of a photographer but I think you can at least tell that it is a pretty little cottage in a forest.  It's perfect for the scent name, Forest Bakery.  I'm still kind of proud of the name; can you tell?

I am remembering to burn it to the edges, as per the instructions on their website.  One thing I learned was that this keeps the candle from forming that "canyon" down the center that doesn't allow the outer edges to melt.  I expect this will make my candle last longer.

Yellow Rose Gifts, Co. is a home-based business.  I like that, don't you?  Melanie is the business owner and she also has a blog.  That's how I found her.  You might want to check it out as she has other contests as well.  You  might also get to name a fragrance!

So, if you are in need of candles, sachets, or any of the many other products Melanie carries, check it out... 

And Melanie, thanks again for the candle!  It made my day!

(Sorry if this sounds like an ad.  I was not asked to give this plug for Yellow Rose Gifts, Co. and I was not paid to say these things.  I just really like the smell of this candle.)

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