Friday, October 04, 2013

Crack, Snap and BOOM!

Well, what a day we've had!

I got up at 3:30 a.m. and stood by our front window to survey the snow that was accumulating, as well as the limbs that had fallen. While standing there I was frightened by a crack, snap and boom as a branch broke and part of it landed on the roof just up from the window where I stood. This photo was taken hours later as it was still dark when that occurred, but you get the idea. It was startling at 3:30 a.m!

I knew I needed to get up by 5:00 so I went back to bed and tried to calm down and get some more rest. I tried, I really did, but I kept hearing distant cracks, snacks and booms. Then, I heard one that was not-so-distant. In fact, it was right over our heads. That window is our bedroom and our bed is right under the window. Again, this photo was taken hours later. It wasn't that bad but usually that branch is way, way up in the sky.

I tried to go to work but I didn't make it very far. I was dodging around tree limbs down in the road but after going under two very low power lines I started getting nervous and went back home.

As the sun came up, we saw more and more damage.

We also found our garage covered in limbs.

Sam's car had taken some hits. 

And our yard pretty much looked like a snow bomb had exploded. 

 Every time I went outside I heard more cracks and snaps and booms.

 It sounded so eery out there!

This tree in our front yard usually turns so bright gold that it seems to light up our living room. I've always loved that! This year, though, it didn't even get a chance to change colors. Much of it is on the ground. Also, a lot of broken limbs are caught on other branches still, waiting to crash down.

Mike got up on the garage to relieve some of the weight before it went through the roof. It made me rather nervous but he was careful. He'd saw off bits and throw them down. I'd gather them, lop off some of the smaller limbs and move them aside.  The whole time we'd keep hearing more cracks and booms from our trees as well as those of our neighbors.

Maria and Eric and their girls came over for the day as they did not have power. It gets cold quickly! Eric helped get started on some of the clean up, including climbing on our roof to push off some of the big limbs up there. Thanks, Eric! Click here to see what's going on at their place.

We actually had a rather enjoyable day, despite mourning the damage done to our trees. Maria and the girls helped make it less sad. Our yard is just one of hundreds that are such a mess. It will be a long time before we get all the rubble cleared out but we kept our power, have no holes through our roof and no one fell off the roof! That is the most important part of this day. 

Eric also picked up my camera and took a bunch of photos of the little girls that turned out really well. I will share them, maybe tomorrow. I just don't want them posted with all of these pictures of destruction. It just doesn't go well. You get that, don't you?

Today was one for the record books in this town. Mike Seidel, of The Weather Channel, broadcast from just a mile or two from our house. That really isn't a good thing, is it? Nevertheless, it was our claim to fame on this sadly memorable day.

Stay warm and dry everyone!

Is It Me?

Mike teased me last night that I have been involved in a lot of weird situations lately. He rudely suggested that I might be bad luck, that I was the common element in a rash of odd events.

One such situation began as an innocent lunch. I was sitting at a picnic table outside the surgical center when a guy backed out of a parking spot and into a young woman who had just backed out of her parking spot. Those of us having lunch saw them get out and speak to each other a bit but they did not seem to exchange numbers. Soon, the young woman drove just across the street to a daycare and the guy drove off. Later, we saw out the window that the young woman was back in the parking lot and speaking to a police officer. One of the nurses I work with went out (not sure why) and found out the young woman claimed it was a hit-and-run. Well, eventually I was asked to go out as I'd seen it all. By then, the young woman was crying and admitting that she'd lied. Apparently the man had convinced her it wasn't worth turning into insurance but after speaking to her friends, she'd changed her mind. They'd advised her to get a police report and tell them it was a hit and run. She wasn't counting on an eye witness. That was a weird day.

Just this past Sunday Mike and I were returning to our home after a long day. We were stopped by an accident up ahead of us. Some emergency vehicles were there already, with more arriving. We turned around, along with a line of other people, and headed off, winding through a quiet neighborhood. Mike braked when two little puppies ran in front of us. They wouldn't get out of the street and cars were backing up behind us. I got out and one of them ran under our vehicle. Finally, I was able to call them into a yard and up to the door of a house, which luckily was their's. That wasn't a very exciting story but it was a weirdly difficult time to get to our home that night.

On Wednesday evening I was taking a patient to his car, pushing his wheelchair to the parking lot. I saw two young men buzzing down the street on two little motorized scooters. They were the kind that you stand on, holding on to a handle. They were going surprisingly fast...too fast. One started wobbling and when a vehicle came out of a parking garage he turned to avoid it and he wiped out, skidding along the road. I was trying to figure out how to help him without abandoning my patient but the guy got up, shook himself off and rode off. I bet he was sore later!

So, at lunch yesterday I was telling these things to Maria and told her that Mike/Dad was blaming them on me. After lunch, I rode home with Maria. As she waited in a left turn lane, someone rear-ended us! No, I am not kidding...right after I'd been telling Maria all of this! Not only that, but the driver took off! We got the license plates and description but as we got out to inspect her vehicle, we could see no damage. This isn't a very exciting story either, thank goodness. It was just weird that it happened right after I told her about those other events.

So, what do you think? Is it me? Do you think I am a danger to others?

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