Sunday, January 18, 2015

Influenza A

I have been home a few days thanks to the flu. I got sick and tested positive for Influenza A. Apparently the vaccine this year had some deficiencies.

Anyway, the flu just isn't fun and rather zaps all of your energy and IT HURTS! This one caused horrendous headaches and body pain. I feel I am past the worst of it now, though. I hope I didn't share it with anyone before I knew I had it.

Friday, my sickest day, I received this sweet video...

In case you didn't understand, Elise said she hoped I felt "bettay".  Elise changes the "ER" sound at ends of words to "Ay" sounds. So bettay translates to better.  She is pretty sweet.

So, I should be back at work and feeling well on Monday. I hope you all avoid Influenza this year!

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