Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Recliner, My Crochet Hook and a Pile of Yarn

After working a full day yesterday I went shopping for groceries then zipped home to do a few chores, prepare food, etc.  I was rushing because I wanted to get some crocheting done!  Why is that so much fun for me?

Although Maria and I aren't real excited about doing any craft fairs in the near future, we were invited to bring Wyoming Rose Boutique Products to a little private sale later this week.  (For those of you local, it is at my place of employment at 5:30 are invited)  There will be other items there, not necessarily handmade.  It's just a pre-Christmas shopping kind of party with food and friends.

Anyway, I heard today that some people were coming JUST TO SEE OUR LITTLE KID HATS.  That would be great except we've sold most of them and only have a few on our website.  So, I interrupted my work on a pair of baby booties for Elise and set to work on a new project.

I spent my evening in my recliner, snuggled up with a pile of yarn...

And out of the mess I created this guy.  I think he is kind of cute.

I still had some time before I had to go to bed for today's early work start.  You guessed it!  I grabbed some more yarn!  It's addictive, people!  I can't help myself!

Have a great day and try to create something that makes you happy as well.  Let me know!

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