Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Ducking for My Life!

We saw 5 baseball games while in St. Louis! And guess what? I took a lot of photographs!

One of the highlights, for me, was the last game when my life was threatened. Yep, it could have been lights out for me. Or at least, I could have received a terrible headache.

Mike and I were sitting down the first base foul line. Actually, we were pretty far down, off the side of right field. We had to watch the game rather turned to our left toward home plate and most of the action. Well, Yadier Molina decided to send a little attention our way. It wasn't a real high ball, more of a direct hit to us. I saw him hit the ball our way but really, I thought it was going to fall far before it got to our section. It was I was wrong. The guy in Mike's line of view stood up and so Mike couldn't see where the ball was. I could see it, though. I was just watching when all of a sudden I realized that it was going to hit me in the head. I ducked! Well, I didn't have a glove with me and I need my hands to start IVs and to perform other nursely duties. I still think it was the best course of action.  Here's my favorite part of the story, though...

This young man was behind me and he was READY! When I ducked, I heard a loud smack. I turned to see this boy smiling from ear to ear! He was sooooo proud. Just look at him, all Cardinalled up! People came around to congratulate him. I'm sure he will remember that moment for ever. 

At an earlier game Mike and I got our moment of fame. Mike actually missed it. I was elbowing him saying, "Mike! Mike! Look!" He was distracted, watching a baseball game or something, and by the time he gave me his attention is was no longer on the big screen. Luckily, I had been ready for it and snapped a photo.

That day was a very slow game. It was misting on us, a light rain that you didn't really notice until you realized you were wet. It was 53 degrees and felt even colder. The teenage girl by Mike was wearing little shorts. I could see her goosebumps! I had several jackets and was just sitting on one. I offered it to her but she insisted she wasn't cold. Right. I don't think those goosebumps were because the game was so exciting.

We actually left that game early. I never thought I'd see the day Mike left a Cardinals game early but he was cold, wet and sick. 

This is what it looked like as we walked back. We couldn't see the top of the buildings.

We watched the rest of the game in our room.  Mike watched it on television.

I watched it live, out our window, while drinking coffee and crocheting! I could see it well enough to say spoilers like, "And he swings and misses!" because the television view was delayed by a few moments. I'm kind of mean, aren't I? It didn't matter. That game did not end well.

OK, I've read that bloggers shouldn't make posts too long because people don't have very long attention spans these days. I don't want to bore you but I took soooooo many baseball photos! In fact, when the play was slow, I took photos of people around me, kind of on the sly. Anyway, I'm going to stop writing words now so if you click out, you won't miss anything vital. However, if you are brave or crazy about baseball or just like to finish what you start, you are welcome to scroll down through some more of our photos.

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