Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Inspirations

Happy Monday!

I'm still speed-crocheting and it is still fun.  I really wish everyone could crochet as it is a cheap form of therapy.  I find it very calming.

I completed 2 ponchos and 3 hats this week-end so I'm making progress on the list of things I to which I committed.  These are things people have ordered for gifts for their friends and family.  I love doing it and my work schedule at Hospice is light this week so hopefully I will be able to get everyone's items to them in plenty of time.

I did take some time out to enjoy family last night.  Maria and Eric brought Cordelia and Bumblebee over for pizza night.  After pizza we enjoyed a game of Farkle.  Do any of you play Farkle?  It's quick and easy to learn but involves enough strategy to make it fun.We  made sure Cordy was having a good time as well.  She'd sit on Grandpa's lap for awhile, shaking dice for him.  She'd sit on my lap for a chair ride.  Our chairs are the kind on rollers so we'd push off from the table to roll across the floor toward the stove, then push off from the stove and roll back toward the table.  I also brought out plastic containers from my cupboard for her to stack and sort.  Yes, all this activity did make it trickier to play the game.  I lost and that must be the reason.

On another subject...

How many of you are scrapbookers?  I'm not.  However, I greatly admire those who are.  I know at least 3 of my friends who scrapbook... Nicole, Kate and Donna.  Are you guys working on anything special for Christmas?  Kate has a site of her own that I think you should check out.   This photo is direct from her site.  (I hope that is ok with you, Kate.)  She's also a budding photographer.  Check out her blog, Transformed Creativity, here.

She does some amazing things with scrapbooking and if any of you are scrapbookers or wanna-be-scrapbookers this would be a good resource.  Kate can hook you up with some cool stuff.   

This morning I saw another interesting idea.  It was a type of scrapbooking maybe even I could do.  I got it from another blog, The Blue Moss Girls.  This photo is direct from their site.  Check it out!  I don't know these people but I hope they don't mind free advertising.  It just seemed like a fun idea and there are other fun ideas on their site.  They also have an Etsy shop and you can link to it from their blog.

So, there you have it... inspiration!

Have a great Monday!

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