Friday, January 18, 2013


Our granddaughter, Elise,  is 6 months old now. She is delighted to get more involved in play with her big sister, Cordelia. Cordelia is also thrilled that Elise can do a bit more with her now. She has been planning all the fun they can have together!

The other day Cordelia wanted me to tell her a story about three little girls. She wanted the little girls to be named Cordelia, Sadie (Cordy's best friend) and Elise. I thought it was sweet that she included Elise.

Last time the girls were at our house Mike was showing Cordelia how to ride in a boat (box) around the kitchen floor.  Cordy quickly requested that her sister ride along. Finally, Elise is big enough to be included in such play! My photos did not turn out that great but they do give you a sense of the bond of love these little sisters already share.

 I love how Cordy locked her hands around Elise to keep her safe.

I also grabbed my phone and took a few photos of the two of them on one of their first rides together in a shopping cart.  

Cordy is generous with the kisses and I think Elise was trying to reciprocate.
Elise's kissing style is a bit underdeveloped (and wet)...but sweet.

I love these little probably didn't know that, did you?

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