Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Enough with Moderation!

I know, I know... moderation is a good thing.  For instance, eating in moderation means you will manage your weight and probably feel a lot better. 

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If you are going to drink alcohol, moderation means you won't have to deal with feeling bad the next morning, you won't make a fool of yourself, and your liver will be happy.

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Even things that are good for you, such as exercise, are best done with some moderating limits.   I don't think I am in danger of surpassing those limits anytime soon but it is good to be aware of the risk anyway.

But, I'm tired of moderation.... comment moderation that is.  I've decided to take a risk and let you all put your comments directly on my posts without waiting for me to get back to approve them.  Sometimes it takes me all day to do that moderating stuff and in the meantime, no one else gets to read each other's comments.

I know, I'm wild and crazy.  Hopefully everyone will play nice so none of you will have to read mean or nasty comments.  If that happens, I may change my plan.

Previously, I went crazy and dropped the word verification requirement for comments.    I have had NO spam so that has worked out fine.   Hopefully this risk will work out just as well for me.

 image from lisburncity.gov.uk

So here we go; Let the comments begin! 

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