Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sick of Being Sick

OK. I will give it one more day and THEN THAT IS IT! I'm officially sick of being sick. I really didn't want to go on antibiotics but I've coughed so much I've pulled a muscle in my back. I am being treated for bronchitis and a sinus infection...possibly pneumonia but I deferred the chest x-ray unless I get worse. I doubt that will be necessary because, as I said, I'm just about to get well.

Seriously, I am talking about being sick of being sick, but I do know that this is a short-term illness and I realize there are many out there who deal with more difficult health challenges on a daily basis. Please don't take my whining too seriously.

Just before I went in for my appointment my friend, Nicole, dropped by with a sweet little bag of things to make me better. She brought chicken noodle soup, essential oils appropriate for my illness, mints and a pattern for crocheting. Thanks, Nicole! You are so thoughtful!

That last one particularly shows you that she knows what I like, huh? I'm so grateful for her friendship. I really have a lot of kind friends and I know what a blessing that is!

I don't yet know much about the essential oils but I'm learning. I know that some of the medications I used to give as chemotherapy came from tree bark and such, so it seems reasonable to me to experiment with these a bit. Nicole taught me how to use the ones she brought to me and I've got a good book on the use of them, including references to some of the efficacy studies. It's kind of fun to be learning about some of these ancient remedies. I've got my diffusers going and the house smells great! Have any of you used essential oils?

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