Saturday, June 11, 2011

Come to Me

33 years ago today Mike sang this song, one he wrote, as I walked down the aisle toward him...


I woke up this morning and I thanked my Lucky Star
That I get to know and love this person that you are
I opened up my window and the wind walked right in
Blowing warm and gentle so soft upon my skin
It reminded me of you and the way you love to please
You're flowing ever faithful, you're the whispering of peace

Come to me, you're my serenity
Lay me down in understanding, Lift me up along my way
To walk with you into this day
Come to me for an eternity
Your spirit and mine

Another day has come to pass, another step into my life
Another passenger has coming aboard to be my loving wife
You sure can wait a long time for the seasonn to be right
And you can watch the stars above
You can wish with all your might
But I'll place my bet on true love
It's the kind that comes to stay
It holds on in the darkness, it lights the brand new day

25 years later he wrote...

I Want To Go On With You

chorus: I want to go on with you
That's what my headlines say
That's my big news today
I want to go on with you
Through the good times, through the trials
I wanna walk the future miles with you
I want to go on with you

I'm lookin back now on all our time
I'm reminiscing and I guess that's fine
In fact, that's what I want to do
I want a chance just to say
That I've had many good days with you
I want to journey here some more
And dance upon life's floor with you.


I'm hoping that these words are okay
But I think I know you feel the same way
You have really been good for me
I know I'm a better man
 You have helped me understand what's true
So I need to say thankful words
For my life's been stirred by you.

Mike, I'm so grateful that I've had all these years with you. 
I still find you fascinating! 
I am so very grateful for our time together. 
You are a good man and I love sharing this life with you!  

Happy Anniversary!

  (Go to this site for these and other Mike Struck originals.) 

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