Saturday, January 07, 2012

My Computer Has an Owie!

 I don't know what it is about me, but apparently I am hard on laptop computers.  My last one was doing just fine then one day I turned it on to discover the screen had a big blackened area that looked kind of like a feather.  I was able to work around the black part for awhile but it grew and grew and eventually I gave up.

I bought the laptop I am now using about 2 years ago.  It's a smaller screen and I really love it.  I've had to replace the cord once, as it kept bending until it broke.  Now, though, my problems are bigger.

Once again, the cord is starting to deteriorate.  A little duct tape is helping that for the moment.  The screen, though, started making a little clicking sound when I opened it.  That went on for weeks and then it kind of closed with a tiny little misalignment to it.  Then, a crack appeared on the piece of plastic that covers the hinged area.  That crack kept growing until that plastic piece started raising up and I could no longer snap it back into place.  Well, what else could I do?  I got out more duct tape!

It looks pretty ghetto, but it still works!


Maria Rose said...

Yeah, that looks bad!

Allen said...

I agree that looks bad.!!Maybe find some BLACK tape HA!!HA!!HA!!

Kate W. said...

Good heavens!!! Looks like Bode attacked it! LOL! I think you should go get some of the patterened duct tape -- make a cover for it, sorta like an IPhone. Just out of tape! :)

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