Friday, January 06, 2012

Couch Gymnastics!

I love to rearrange furniture.  Do you?  I am not sure why, but I feel refreshed with the change.

Cordelia was visiting when I changed the furniture around this week.  I decided she should know the fun of "riding" on the furniture so I had her get on whatever piece I was moving.  Since I change my mind a lot, each piece of furniture gets rearranged multiple times.  She didn't mind!  She enjoyed my "thinking" times as well.  You know, when you have the couch in the middle of the room and then decide maybe you need to think some more about where to go with it?  That's when Cordelia learned the joy of couch gymnastics!

I absolutely LOVE being her grandmother (or grammy, as she's been calling me lately)!

Have a great week-end!


Maria Rose said...

She loves you so very much!

Emily said...

Her hair is getting so long! Love the piggy tails! :)

elizabeth said...

i love rearranging, too. :) it does seem though, that the furniture and the space we have in our living room right now sort of fit one way and one way only, so i'm pretty sure all our bedrooms are going to get the rearranging treatment here in the next month or two . . .

you surely had the cutest, sweetest helper for your couch gymnastics. :)

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