Saturday, May 31, 2014

Who is a Person?

Today was our fundraiser walk for our local pregnancy center. This center is a safe place where those experiencing an unexpected pregnancy can go for compassion and assistance and truth. I love supporting them. This year's theme was "Who is a Person" with references to Dr. Seuss' quote "'cause a person's a person no matter how small".

Mike and I have been doing this fundraiser walk for years. Each year we've seen more and more people join in. It just warms my heart!

The sponsored walkers come from congregations all around town. As I posted earlier, for fun and to encourage more people to be walkers from our congregation, Laura came up with a great idea. We convinced Mike, the avid St. Louis Cardinal Fan, to offer to wear a Chicago Cubs hat on this walk if we got a certain number of people from our congregation willing to be walkers. People loved the idea and we got more walkers than ever!

When I mentioned on Facebook that Mike was going to do this his cousin, Tom, wanted to know when hell (pardon the language) was freezing over. Our friend from Chicago, Cindy, wanted photos of him in the Chicago Cubs hat to be posted all over the internet to be seen around the world. Well, here it is so share this post for all to see.
Laura had the honor of placing it on his head.
By his face, it looks like it hurt.

 He was a good sport, though.

 We were ready to walk.
I felt a bit like I was with the wrong man, actually.

Cordelia and Elise were good to go as well.

Cordy wore a St. Louis Cardinal/Minnie Mouse hat.

It was a 2 mile walk.
Maria wisely brought the stroller.
The highlight for me was when some kid, also wearing a Cub's hat,
called out to Mike, "Go Cubs!"
Ha Ha Ha Ha!

 Every year we do this, the weather is beautiful.

 Elise was charming.

Mike wore his hat the ENTIRE walk...

...but now he is talking about burning it!

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