Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Tree

I pulled this tree up by the roots.

Well, it was a bit smaller when that occurred, as was I.  I guess I was about 5 years old or so and we were visiting my grandparents.  My cousin and I were playing in a vacant area nearby.  It was low and moist and there were a bunch of little seedlings sprouting up.  My cousin, Tim, and I each chose one and pulled it up because we knew our Grandpa Red loved trees.  Wouldn't he be proud of us?!  I remember feeling like we were bringing him such a remarkable treasure.

My Grandpa Red did indeed love trees.  However, their lot was getting pretty well wooded.  They lived right by an alley and there was more vacant land there.  At that time, their home was right on the edge of town.  Grandpa helped Tim and me dig holes and plant our treasures.  I didn't even live in that town so I likely would not have even remembered it by the next time we visited.  Grandpa Red, however, took loving care of our tree babies.

Well, time passed and that vacant land became the site of a new elementary school.  By that time our trees were of a pretty good size.  Somehow Grandpa found out that the powers that be were planning to remove our trees in order to landscape according to their own plan.  In Wyoming, where trees are hard to grow, that was not the best plan.  Grandpa actually went to a meeting and fought for our trees!  Isn't that just about the coolest story ever?

The trees stayed and grew.  When we came to town to visit, Grandma would often take photos of me in front of my tree.  When I married and came there with Mike, she took photos of both of us there.  Later, she did the same with our children involved.  

My tree has been hit with lightning several times over the years.

I think its scars just give it more character.

Grandpa Red died in 1982 but the trees lived on.  Grandma Rose died a little over a year ago.  On the day of her funeral my aunt took pictures of me and Tim in front of our trees.  I thought that would be the last time I posed by my tree. 

This past Sunday, when Sam and I went to visit my Mom, we drove by my grandparent's house.  Of course I had to stop and check on my tree.  It's still there.  It's still beautiful. It still makes me proud of my Grandpa.


affectioknit said...

What an amazing story! Your trees are indeed awesome!

~Have a lovely day!

Emily said...

I love this! You'll have to do a follow up post with more pictures of people by your tree! :)

Maria Rose said...

Those trees feel like members of the family.

Victoria said...

Love this! I have a tree too! One I planted at 5yrs old by burying a handful of maple tree seeds. My mother humored me by allowing the planting. The tree is as large as yours, standing like a sentry now in front of a condo tree! I love it! Thanks for the memories!

Tina said...

I agree with Maria. Those trees are more than just trees.

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