Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Morning Glory!

One of the best things about Summer mornings, in my opinion, is blooming morning glory.  By afternoon they close up tight,
but they are glorious in the cool early morning hours!  

Mike doesn't agree.  On the farm the little white morning glory flowers were weeds that would bind themselves around the wheat.  Mike HATED them.  I thought they were kind of pretty but quickly recognized that they were an enemy to wheat.

When I first planted these morning glories at the farm, he was horrified!
I assured him that they were annuals so wouldn't come up year after year. 
However, I did plant them year after year.

Now, I have them in our yard here.  Don't tell Mike but I haven't replanted them for several seasons.  It turns out that even annuals can reseed themselves!



Maria Rose said...

They are very pretty!

JillAileenJones said...

LOL! They are beautiful. :)

Anna said...

I've always loved Morning Glorys. These are so pretty! :)

Kate said...

I'm a fan of these flowers also!

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