Thursday, September 01, 2011

My Life as a Tart

When Mike was a new pastor we attended a week-end gathering just for new pastors and their spouses.  The bishop of the Montana Synod was there, as well as quite a few pastor/spouse couples.

One of the things memorable to me was a little communion service we attended.
OK, I don't remember the parts that I should remember but I do remember that when they "broke the bread" it was actually a hotdog bun!

Another thing I remember was an informal gathering with the bishop.
He was talking about how we needed to grow into our new communities beyond just the church we (and by "we" I mean Mike) were serving.
His point was that we needed to lead our lives as anyone else in the community, meeting others outside the church and expanding on our own interesets.  Most of us had already been in our new roles for up to a year so he decided to involve us in the conversation.
He went around the room asking us to each name something we'd already been involved in that was outside our church circle.

When it came to me I said, "Well, I've been a tart."

Of course, that caught his interest.

Here's the story...

I had been invited to play a bit part in a local musical.  I was told I would be an extra, a saloon girl just singing in the chorus.  Four other women were also talked into these roles.  One was my good friend, Gwen.  We had a blast!  Gwen was also new to the community and was teaching at the elementary school.  The other two women were a lot of fun as well.  One was a physical therapist and the other a nurse.

As the rehearsals went on, apparently someone thought it was kind of funny that the new pastor's wife and the new elementary teacher were playing these roles.  The play was "Paint Your Wagon".  I do not think I had ever seen that play or movie before but I soon came to realize the "saloon girls" were actually ladies of the evening! 

Another woman in town was a dance teacher and they called upon her to incorporate our characters into the play a bit more.  She choreographed 4 dances and taught them to us.  It was so much fun!  Someone else found costumes for us, complete with fishnet stockings!  The local newspaper guy came and took our pictures and put us in the weekly paper.  Unfortunately, I've lost my copy of that professional photo and my only proof is this poor photo.  Nevertheless, I think you can see that we were enjoying the attention.  I am the second one from the left.  My friend, Gwen, is on the far right.

So there you have life as a tart!


Maria Rose said...


Kate W. said...

You are too funny, Sue!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a neat story!

kelli- Adventurez said...

oh - what fun! I used to do theatre- before kids- when I was able to run around and do stuff non kid related - lol
I'm enjoying life much more now!

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