Saturday, October 01, 2011

Updates and a Fun Friday

It occurred to me that I've left some things dangling.  Let me supply some updates because I am certain you are all dying to know the REST OF THE STORY...

1)    Maria named our nameless lady Simone.

2)    The carpet story is still not complete.  The THIRD new carpet has made it to town.  I went to the store and checked it out and when I tugged on the fibers they STAYED IN THE CARPET!  Yay!!!!!  I called my carpet-layer guy and he said he is busy for a couple weeks on other jobs.  At this point, what is another few weeks, right?  I'm ok with that.  I'm also ok with the third carpet being totally a different style and color than what I first chose.  I think it will look just as good and maybe even better.  I'm just glad that it isn't pluckable!

3)    Curves is FUN!  I love exercising there!  It is a really nice work-out and I think it is a very common sense approach to fitness.  I'll no doubt write more about that in the future.

OK.  Have I picked up on all those stories where I've left you hanging?  I know, the suspense must've been awful. 

Now, on to tell you about yesterday...

I had Cordelia here most of the day and we had FUN!  We bounced on the trampoline a lot, read books, played with toys, ate lunch and then watched Wonder Pets.  Cordy fell asleep while I crocheted.  When she'd slept long enough I started talking to her and moving her around but she just flickered those long lovely lashes and fell back to sleep.  Then, I remembered Maria telling me that she wakes up when she hears the intro music to Psych.  So, via the wonder of NetFlix I turned it on.  She sat up and said, "It's music; I like music!"  It was pretty funny!

Yesterday afternoon I decided it was high time that I become a cookie-baking kind of grandma.  Cordy agreed so we got to it.  I found a recipe in my Betty Crocker Cookbook that did not call for eggs (Cordy is a vegan) and we set to work. 
We used Smart Balance Light, which is also vegan.

Cordy really likes Smart Balance Light.
The bottle in the background are coffee flavorings, like Tiramasu...just so you know.

Notice her tongue as she dumped in the powdered sugar.

I guess she had a plan for using that tongue.

So we washed the measuring cup.  That's really not a very interesting part of the story but the bubbles were really cool in the photo so I'm making you look at it.

Cordy used a 2-handed method.

This is what a face looks like after licking out the measuring spoon that had ginger in it.
She needed a lot of drinks after that.

I had to use a bell cook-cutter because that is all I found. 

Cordy approved of the final result.

Then, last evening we had Cordy's parents and our niece, Erin, over for dinner.  Erin is visiting from Chicago so we were especially excited to have her join us.
We enjoyed an after-dinner stroll as well.
Please notice what a happy, smiling bunch we were.

The photos were taken BEFORE we came home and played Scattegories.
SOMEONE cheated...again...
No names but he was wearing a green shirt.

So, does anyone have any big plans for the week-end?


Maria Rose said...

I hope to hang out with you this weekend.

Man alive that girl is ADORABLE!

EJN said...

I love the fall theme on your blog. Looks like you had a wonderful time.
How sweet Cordelia is...what a little blessing.
Have a wonderful Lord's day,

AKM said...

Pictures of little ones helping in the kitchen are AWESOME! And the cookies look so pretty!

(The little tongue is too funny. When my brother was a wee one and took piano lessons, he would stick out his tongue when he was deep in thought and concentration, and it was so cute!)

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