Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Carpet Saga Continues

I would like to show you finished photos of our house with the new carpet but
I STILL do not have resolution in the case of
"The Great Carpet Mishap".

Reminder how EXCITED I was when the
day came for our new carpet?  I had started ripping out the old carpet
in late June.  In July, as we moved things out of the first rooms to be carpeted,
our house was a mess.

It was ok, though, as I
knew it would be that way for only a few days.

Then, remember my horrifying discovery
that our new carpet was already developing holes
where fibers were just falling out?

At that time most of it was laid with the exception
of our bedroom, the bottom half of our stairs
and two small closets.  I paid our carpet installer that morning but told him
not to bother finishing the installation.  He agreed that
something was very wrong with the carpet.

The lady at the carpet store came out right away and
also agreed that something was very wrong.
She ordered replacement carpet, assuring me it would
be from a different dye lot.  It appears that this
carpet has a problem with the glue or latex or whatever
holds the two parts of the backing together so
I didn't want another piece from that same run.

the new carpet made it to town last week!  Yippee!!
I decided to run into the local warehouse to
check it out before they brought it out to our home.
It looked nice.
They unrolled a large part of the roll and we all
got down on our hands and knees to "pluck" it.
Rest assured, I am not talking about abusing a carpet.
By "plucking" I simply mean gently pinching and tugging one fiber at a time.

This new carpet was also faulty!
The owner of the store immediately called the distributer.
They did not hesitate to offer a new roll to me.
I am trying to not think the worst but doesn't it
seem likely the distributer wasn't surprised by the call since they
knew they'd just sent a roll from
the same run/dye lot as the last?

I told the shop owner they could send a new roll but that
I wanted to pick out an entirely new carpet.
I'm not stupid.
Well, I'm not THAT stupid.
I enlisted her help, along with my carpet layer guy who was there, as well
as an employee who'd been helping.  They gave advice on other carpets
in my price range.  As it turned out, the 4 of us agreed so
in about 5 minutes time I had chosen another style.
If the color doesn't turn out to be right, I will simply paint to match.
Just so you know, Mike didn't really care about the style
so he didn't mind me making the call.

So, now we wait again.
We are learning to avoid stepping on the tack strips in our bedroom
and on the stairs.  We did move our bed back but just put it on the floor, not making the effort to set up the frame or the headboard and footboard.

I'm getting used to going to the guestroom to get stuff from
my dresser where it is up against the bed facing backwards.  I can't get into all the drawers so I just throw everything on top of it.  Remember, when we put it in there it was supposed to be for just one night.  Even when we found the problem with the carpet I thought it would be just a couple weeks until everything
was back to normal.  I'm the one who suggested we just leave things,
likely not my best plan.

But, I'm not whining.

Ha!  That's not one bit true!

I'm whining.

But, I will admit that I've seen the humor in this.
I also am still aware that there are many, many situations
so very much worse than carpet problems.

AND, originally I said I just wanted a carpet that
didn't smell like cat urine (that had been a parting gift from our 2 old cats).
I now know that I require more from a carpet than
just that new carpet smell.
I require a carpet that is not going bald.


Maria Rose said...

Hope the new one is OK!!!

Madeline said...

Oh. my. Renovations stink. I hope your new carpet gets to you soon!!

Shannon said...

Thanks for the blog visit! It sounds like your re-carpeting has been quite an adventure. I hope the next batch is tightly woven with a clean, fresh smell!

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