Thursday, August 04, 2011

It Could Be Worse

Remember how hard I've been working, ripping up carpet and pads?  I've also been removing a LOT of staples.  

Additionally, I feel like we've moved at least 3 times this week.  One day we moved everything out of 2 bedrooms, most of it going into the dining area.

The day after that the carpet guy, Dan, gave me a day to return those rooms to something near normal, and to clear out (remove carpet, pad, etc.) the living room.  So, all the living room things went into the dining area for the day while he carpeted the living room, hallway and stairs.  Afterward we got the living room put back together.
I thought it was looking nice.

Dan was supposed to return today (Thu) to finish up the master bedroom but Tuesday afternoon he called and said he could come a day early.  Yay!  Wait?  I wasn't ready!  Thankfully, Sam was home and helped me move the king size bed, dressers, etc. and shove them into the previously carpeted bedrooms.  So much for those rooms looking nice!  We ripped up carpet, pad... you know the way it goes now.  Oh yes, after that I painted the KILZ on any stains that could be from a pet.

I was sooooo happy Tuesday night as most of my work was done and we were ready for Dan to come and finish the job.  Whoopee!  I was ready to get the house back in order.  I showered and got ready for bed, feeling jubilant.  Just before I went to bed I noticed something odd at one spot on the top stairway carpet...

Yes, that is a spot with no fibers.
Instantly, I thought of Bode and his chewing but upon inspection, that didn't seem to be the deal.  Even the fibers around that spot seemed loose.  Then, I went around to other rooms and tested the carpet fibers.  I tugged on individual fibers, finding that some stayed put but some just pulled right out.  They came out as easily as pulling small weeds from moist, heavily mulched earth.  I can't remember that I've ever tried to "pluck" a carpet but I was pretty sure that I shouldn't be able to do so.

Well, I'd like to say I felt calm and cool about this but I DID NOT! 
I am glad to tell you that Mike did remain calm and tenderly reminded me that, although this was not good, in the big picture of life our troubles could be much worse.

The next morning, when Dan came expecting to finish up the project, we showed him our find.  Because the carpet is a frieze (shag with a twist) it was easy to miss the gap until the fibers were moved aside a bit.  Dan agreed that this was not acceptable or normal.  We paid him for the work he'd done, as well as for the day's work he'd planned to do for us.  He'll be back but it may be awhile.

When I spoke with the owner of the store where we purchased the carpet, she was horrified.  She treated me with great respect and came out herself to test the fibers, take pictures and cut some of the left-over carpet to ship back to the manufacturer.  It looks like something went wrong with their gluing process.  Hopefully, they will quickly see the problem and send new carpet.  I'm expecting they will also pay for Dan to rip out this carpet (I really don't want to do that again just now!) and lay the replacement carpet.

So, that was a bummer, but eventually it should be made right.

Now, we wait.


elizabeth said...

oh. bummer. big time.
i hope they fix it all up for you, and quickly!

Maria Rose said...

I am so glad that the manager lady has taken you seriously!

Pam B. said...


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