Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Lord's Prayer Knick-Knacks

I believe this is my oldest possession.

It was a gift for me as a new baby.  Although it doesn't all show in this photo, my name and date of birth were written in gold script at the bottom.

When my husband, Mike, went back to college and then seminary in the 80's we either gave away or stored most of our possessions.  We knew that we'd be making several moves and would sometimes be living in very small apartments so that just seemed the right thing to do.  This Bible figurine with the Lord's Prayer, however, was one of the very few items I kept with me through move after move. 

It and a couple of other knick-knacks were on one little 3-tiered shelf hanging on the wall above our table.  At that time, one of our children was about a year old so I'd put this up there to be safe.  That may have been a mistake.

Ben, I mean one of our children who will remain nameless, was quite a climber, even at age one.  One day he got on the table and pulled down the entire shelf.  Don't worry, he wasn't injured.  I think everything else was broken but I didn't care so much about the other items, I guess, because I no longer even remember what they were.  But this treasure, I glued back together.  I think it just gives it character, don't you?  It tells more of a story now than it did before.

One day when Maria and I were hunting for vintage treasures for our Wyoming Rose Boutique, we found this lovely piece. 

I am sure you see the resemblance.  Can you imagine how excited I was?

I expect it is from the 50's as well, making it an antique rather than just a vintage item.  I hesitate to call it an antique, though, since that would mean I was an antique as well!

It shows that lovely crackled appearance that comes with age.
So do I.

...but it is in great shape!  It has a pretty little bird on it...

...and just the sweetest little flowers.

I don't know the history about this piece.  I can only speculate as to who's shelf it has been on over the years, or who's shelf it will be on in the coming years.

What treasures have you retained from childhood?

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Maria Rose said...

I have a necklace of a Pegasus given to me by my parents. I just wore it 2 days ago.

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