Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Yarn Sculpture

Maria and I have become yarn sculptors.

What?  You've never heard of that?

Well, people can make sculptures out of everything else so why not yarn?

We are really letting loose with our creative sides and are making up these hats as we crochet.  Both of us get bored quite quickly when following a pattern.  We prefer to "wing it".  Sometimes that doesn't turn out so great for us but I am thinking we are onto something now.  This is another one of the little hats we've sculpted.

At least it is working out better than when I "wing it" with my cooking.
That doesn't usually go as well for me.

I'm interested in what you do for a creative outlet...knit, sew, paint, cook, bake?


EJN said...

So cute...you're amazing. THAT IS DARLING!
I like to write poetry, cook(never use a recipe) and little house projects - my current fav is doing up little tea trays with a theme.
Have a great day Susan!

cpcable said...

I love your yarn sculpture! He is an adorable little bear! I am generally not a fan of "winging it" either. :)

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