Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Underwear Story

Don't you just love giraffes?  I love the way they look and I think of them as kind of gentle spirits.  Actually, I did see a horrid documentary once that showed how male giraffes fight by banging their necks against one another.  It rather traumatized me and I've had to go into denial about that aspect of giraffehood.  Please, let's never bring that up again.  Anyway, back to denial...

They just seem sweet and they are almost a rusty orange color, which I love. 

Have you ever seen a baby giraffe?  Did you know their mom's give birth standing up so those poor babies have to drop from the height of their mother's, well, you know?  That doesn't seem right but it makes me think they are a lot tougher than they look.

This picture was taken by Miss Pam P.  Pam is a nurse where I used to work and she, lucky ducky, got to go to Africa.  Isn't that the sweetest little giraffe family picture?  She kindly gave me this photo because I loved it so much.  Thanks, Pam!

So, here's the story.  I have always loved giraffes and thought of them as my animal.  I'm not sure why I thought I got an animal but little kids have quaint ideas and that seemed to be one of mine.  I don't remember telling anyone that, though.  It turns out that was my big mistake.

Around the time of my 6th birthday my grandma, who I didn't ever really know too well, sent a package of 6 panties.  On each pantie was a little circular patch, each with a different animal on it.  I'm a save-the-best-to-the-last kind of girl so I started wearing my least favorite ones first.  I don't even remember what animals were on all the others.  Anyway, about 3 days after that, when I'd worn only half the panties, a letter came from that Grandma.  In the letter she stated that the package of panties was to be shared with my sister.  I don't think that would have bothered me but since I'd already worn 3 pairs, my sister got the 3 unworn pairs.  Yep, I had to give up the giraffe panties.

Now, before you think my Mom was mean and wicked, she didn't know any of what I just told you.  She hadn't known I had my own animal, she hadn't known I carefully planned out most any activity by my strict save-the-best-to-the-last policy.  I didn't tell her even then.  I just suffered silently.  Poor me, poor sad little girl...

THEN, as a young adult, I told my Mom the giraffe pantie story.  I don't think she or my sister even remembered the giraffe panties.  I'm not sure what prompted me to tell the story then, I suppose we were just talking about childhood or something, but boy did I get some mileage out of that story!  My Mom and my sister have been giving me giraffe gifts ever since!  Then, I told some friends about the poor little me who quietly gave up her giraffe panties.  Wa-la... MORE gifts!  Hey, I'm on to something here...

No, no, wait!  Please don't send me more giraffe gifts.  I've had stuffed giraffes, pewter giraffes, glass giraffes, several shirts with giraffes, giraffe soap dispensers, even a giraffe candle!  The list goes on and on.  I think my giraffe story has netted me plenty of giraffe gifts.

This is a giraffe my Mom gave me several years ago.  I also love paisley, it's my design like giraffes are my animal, so this lady is an absolute favorite of mine.  Isn't she pretty?

 I am writing this now to publicly release Mom from the guilt she's carried for around 30 years.  I'm ok, Mom. 

And, just when you thought I was done, there is more to this story.  A few years ago Mike and I went back to the town in Nebraska where my family lived when the original "giraffe incident" occurred.  We were walking around in the neighborhood and when we walked by that little rental house where we'd lived, I stopped dead in my tracks!  On the porch were many, many giraffes!  Yep, giraffe pots, giraffe plant hangers, giraffe sculptures...  How weird was that?  Were they waiting for me to return?  Did I leave some kind of giraffe aura in that house, making all future occupants want to surround themselves with giraffe paraphernalia? 

Do you have an animal?  A design pattern?  Anything that you'd like to share if for no other reason than I would like to know I wasn't the only weird kid?


AKM said...

What a funny and sweet post! I love it! Hee hee, you left behind a "giraffe aura." Bwahaha! That is an ironic twist to the whole story.

As a crazy cat lady, I collect anything with cats, and I used to collect wolf things. And I'm a total save-the-best-for-last girl, too. Things are better savored that way! ;-)

Maria Rose said...

Does a gentle donkey count?

When I was little it was a fluffy white cat. Oh and then a horse...then all of the cats...then all of the dogs...then all of the animals.

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