Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's Not About Bunnies!

I don't have anything against bunnies, really I don't.  They are all cute and furry.  It's just that Easter is the celebration of the most wonderful event of all history and bunnies really didn't even get a mention. 

So, let's stay focused.  Pet a bunny, hide Easter eggs if you like, but attend your church today and really think about what the Resurrection Story means for us.  It means we don't have to hang onto our fears.  We can let go of the things from our past that bring us shame.  We are fresh and clean, thanks to Jesus!

Today my husband will greet the congregation with, "He is risen!"  And we will respond with jubilation and joy,
 "He is risen indeed!" 


Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

Susan, I agree! I called my children's church lesson today "The Risen Lamb of God"
it was a great time with the kids- we did an egg hunt too, but not until after they heard every word of truth (well, as much as I could fit into the time slot) of salvation & who paid the ultimate price for our debt!
Happy "Resurrection Sunday" !

Emily said...

I am thankful for an empty tomb! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Theresa said...

Although I think about the Resurrection often, there is always a point during our Easter Worship service when it hits me....our church does an awesome job with celebratory music and that is usually what hits me and I can't help but cry, to even try to understand what this means ... what Jesus's sacrifice means to can you not be completely moved?

Happy Easter!

Great post!!

AKM said...

I teared up a bit at Mass yesterday as it hit must have Jesus' friends and family felt when they saw Him again? All of that confusion and sorrow giving way to such joy! Such a glorious day, and we get to remember it every year, AND every day.

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