Monday, April 25, 2011

Recklessly Adventuresome

Last night as we were watching Cordelia play, Mike made a comment about how reckless Cordy is.  It's true!  On Saturday I had her over for quite awhile when her parents were painting in their new house.  It went very well but I had to catch her many times from hurting herself.  Then, just before their return, she decided to stand on one of the little plastic 1 cup size storage containers with which she was playing.  It turns out they really aren't good for that.  The plastic doo-hick-ee squirted out from under her feet backwards and she slammed forward to the floor right on her face!  I hate it when she is hurt!  Her parents arrived moments later to a teary-eyed girl who's upper lip looked like it might swell just in time for Easter pictures. 

Well, her face fared just fine and she looked adorable in her Easter dress from Grandma Carol.  To see the pictures to prove it, please go to Maria's post...  You' can read about what a girly-girl she can be.  She loves jewelry and pretty dresses, even hats sometimes! 

Nevertheless, there is this other side to that little girl, the side that is always looking for adventure.  It reminds me of our son, Ben, when he was little.  We had two pretty cautious children but sandwiched in the middle was Ben, who was always busy trying to find more fun ways to do things! 

Cordy's Mom was one of our cautious kids and her husband, Eric, has good safety sense as well.  However, Cordy has a bit of her Uncle Ben's personality in the mix.  Poor Maria.  As a big sister she seemed to be "on duty" all the time in her frantic efforts to protect Ben from himself.  Now, she has her own little reckless personality to raise!  Well, at least she has practice as the protective one.

This photo was taken when we were at the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  I was showing Cordy how to ride this little deal and then she showed me how she thought it could be used to have even more fun!

No motorcycles for you, young lady!


Momma CupKate said...

This was interesting for me to read as my son is cautious. That's not to say he isn't willing to try new things, but he's always been cautious rather than reckless. Thus, I've been a bit spoiled, I think. Wonder if the babe in arms will follow her brother's examples or be more like your darling granddaughter. It doesn't matter to us of course, we'll treasure her, whomever she may be, but it's fun to speculate!

Maria Rose said...

Oh man! She does have an adventurous heart. My job is to both nurture and protect it!

Pam Brewer said...

Keep the first aid kit handy!

Ida Nielsen said...

I used to work as a nanny for a very reckless little boy, so I can totally relate to the awful feeling of handing a teary eyed or bruised kid back to it's parents. Ugh!

AKM said...

I was the cautious one and my brother was the daredevil. He chipped almost all of his baby teeth! ;-)

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