Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Moving Day

It's moving day!  OK, we are not moving anywhere but our son, Ben, and his wife, Sara, are making a giant move today.  I'm really wishing we were all near so we could be helpful.  Well, at least that's what the sweet, kind Mom part of me is wishing.  The Lazy Susan part of me is glad that I got out of it!  That's a lot of work!

They are moving from Arizona to North Carolina!  I've never even been to North Carolina and it feels weird to know one of my children is moving there.  I'd planned on us all living in a family commune or something.  No?  How far IS North Carolina anyway?

I've personally moved more than 30 times.  The hardest move for me was when we moved here to Wyoming.  We had lived in New Mexico for 9 years, unheard of in my life!  That meant saying "good-bye" to a lot of people.  The part that kept me crying much of the drive North, though, was saying good-bye to Ben.  He was in college in New Mexico and WE moved away from HIM.  That's not the way it is supposed to work!  Your kids might leave you but not the other way around!  That made me so sad.  Want to know a secret?  Just thinking about it, I am all teary again!

Like I said, I've moved a lot.  I was also a gypsy for Halloween most every year of my childhood.   Hmmm....  I wonder if there is a connection?  Anyway, I never cared much for moving out and leaving my friends broke my heart every time.  But, I do admit to being charmed by the moving-in process.  There is something so hopeful about starting fresh and making plans in the new place. 

I'm good at making plans...not so good with the follow-through.  We have one room at this house that had Dora the Explorer wallpaper.  It was to be our guest room and I actually started tearing off the wallpaper before the moving van even arrived here.  I was right on it the very first day in this house!  Then, when they did arrive, furniture came in and got in the way.  It has been 7 years and there are still bits of Dora behind the dresser!  Although nearly every other room in the house has been redecorated, that room where I started, still waits for me.  I'll get to it anytime now.

When Ben and Sara moved to Arizona they really enjoyed getting to know and appreciate the area.  I remember that feeling as well.  That's the best part of moving!  I'm excited for them!

This is a great move for them in many ways.  Sara is entering a PhD program.  She's really, really smart and it is going to be so exciting to see her progress in her chosen field, even if I just barely understand what Bioinformatics even is!  And Ben, this move means a promotion to the banking position he's been working toward.  When he starts talking financial things to me, I kind of get lost, but I'm so very proud.

The other day Maria reminded me of a quote that was something about when you have a child it is like having a piece of your heart existing outside your body. 
Well, today a piece of my heart is moving to North Carolina.


Maria Rose said...

Well it gives us all a good opportunity to check out a new part of the country!

WendyE said...

It's hard to see them go so far away, and yet exciting to see them following their dreams. I have one in London!! This is her 3rd time overseas, this time she will be staying 3 years, and she is hoping to settle there. She LOVES it!!

Robin said...

That is a big move for sure! Good luck to them!

AKM said...

Yes, yes, travel across the country and stop in St. Louis! ;-)

Susan S said...

Wow Wendy! North Carolina seems like my backyard compared to London. Have you been able to visit there?

Jill said...

I love the excitement of moving house too, and the chance to have a good clear our! But then again I'm not always keen on change! Hope your son's move goes well!

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