Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Walk for Life

My heart goes out to anyone who is experiencing what seems to be a crisis pregnancy.  But, I believe abortion is wrong.  I believe it is really, really wrong.  I don't believe God wants us to kill our unborn to solve our problems.

Having said that, I also want to say that I don't think it is our job to judge someone who has chosen to abort a baby, someone who has performed or assisted with abortions, or someone who has supported this choice.  I think each of us drags behind us a history of poor choices and outright mistakes, at least until we are forgiven.  I know stories of many young woman who have suffered greatly from their own choice to go against their basic instinct to protect their young.  We need to reach out and help all of these people to see that they are being offered forgiveness.

Nearly 7 years ago my friend, Nicole, introduced me to a local crisis pregnancy center.  I went through their training, learning and observing, and we have donated to them ever since.  I was so impressed with their attitude of love and caring.  They offer pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, limited STD testing and counseling.  They try to direct mothers to whatever services they need to maintain their pregnancies and even offer support after the babies are born.  I was most impressed with the help they offer young women who are hurting because they've already had an abortion.  That spirit of forgiveness and compassion is extended to fathers as well. 

Mike & I walk in a fundraiser for this agency each year and we are inviting anyone who wants to support this effort to let us know.  You can read about them at their website http://www.carenetcasper.com/   They have recently changed their name from CareNet to True Care Women's Resource Center.

The way this fundraiser works is kind of neat.  We are raising money but we don't ever have to actually deal with money.  Between now and June 4 you just go to this site, http://www.firstgiving.com/npo/28243 if you want to help.  Once at that site you'll see a box asking for your friend's name.  Just type in Strucks and you'll find our page.  Or you can just email me at onlythemanager@yahoo.com telling me the amount you wish to donate, as well as your name and address.  True Care will then send you a statement.  It's that easy.

Alternatively, I'd like to suggest you research in your own community.  See if there is a crisis pregnancy center and find out how they help their clients, what their attitude is toward them.  Then, if you feel challenged to help at your own local level, ask how they could use you.  It feels really good to do something so positive to try to help eliminate the perceived need for abortions. 

These pictures are of our grandaughter, Cordelia, taken the day she was born.  Cordelia was always wanted, always loved.  She's growing into a confident little person who knows she has a support group of people who care about her.  That is how it is supposed to be.  I am just trying do something to help every baby get to experience that sort of beginning, whether it be with a birth family or an adoptive family.  I thank you for considering this opportunity to do the same.


Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

I've always had a burden in my heart for this very topic. Our boy number 3 is adopted & his birth mother was on drugs from the beginning - God is bringing him through and I believe will heal him fully so that he can experience the full and blessed life God has planned for him! I have participated in similar fund raisers in the past! I'll check it out and see what we can do to help raise some $$$ - God Bless! (thanks for downloading my Sunday School lesson!) :)

Maria Rose said...

well put.

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