Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good-bye Dora!

OK, I already admitted to everyone that I still had bits of Dora the Explorer wallpaper in the room where I make things for Wyoming Rose Boutique.  Actually, it is a border I guess, that goes up about 3 feet.  The upper part of the walls are lavender with blotchy clouds dabbed all over.  Like I said, I started peeling wallpaper the day we arrived, while waiting for the truck to bring our possessions.  Well, once the truck arrived I got involved in unloading and shaking our possessions into place (I always imagine shaking the house from the outside until things settle into place.)  The Dora room was an extra room, serving as a guest room and catch-all for 6 1/2 years.  Somehow, I never got back to it.  Maria occasionally picked at the wallpaper when they visited us, before they moved to Wyoming, but mostly Dora was ignored.

Last Fall, when it became apparent that I could not maintain my nursing job because of my digestive problems, I started sewing and making jewelry more.  I got back into crocheting and other crafts.  I'm in that room a lot now and I have to say that I'm a little tired of the Dora look.

This Winter, I received some boxes of fabric and crafts that belonged to my Grandma Rose.  I didn't have anywhere to put it all and I started making a double layer in front of the shelves where I had yarn and fabric.  It has reached the point where I can't shut the door to that room fast enough!  How did this happen?  I am a person who appreciates order and neatness!  I hated how it looked and I hated how hard it is to find anything in there now.  It made it so hard to feel creative.

Yesterday, I started!  I have removed the paper from 2 walls and have already painted the first coat on those 2 walls.  I've purchased a shelving system and I am feeling inspired!  I feel a bit of my old energy and I like it!

This picture is hard to see but I like to start painting jobs in our home by leaving a little message for Mike on the wall.  I like knowing that message is always under the coats of paint.  Weird, I know.

Hopefully, I will soon be showing you pictures of a pleasantly ordered room.  We no longer have the guest bed in that room so it is all for me and my projects.  That's really a dream come true!  Any thoughts what I should call this room?  Studio? Work Room?  Craft Room? Sue's Room?  Dora's Room? Wyoming Rose Room? Any clever ideas?


Emily said...

I like Sue's Studio (I'm a fan of alliteration). Or you could go bold with something like "Sue's Room of Crafting Awesomeness" or something like that. :)

AKM said...

I love seeing people in love, and I love that you and Mike love each other so much! So much love in your's truly inspiring. Your paint message is darling.

Since you said the room for your projects is a dream come true, how about the Dream Room? You can use the room to dream about project ideas, dream about who might buy and use the treasures you make, and in turn we, your patrons, can dream about which lovely pieces to order next!

Maria Rose said...

Yay for getting that project going. I know you're going to feel so inspired in a space that is all for you.

I would pretend it is a whole wing of my home and call it the Craft Wing.

Susan S said...

Ooooh...3 great name ideas already! Any more?

Kate Ware said...

How sweet, the message idea!! We're starting on painting our home, so I just might steal your idea. :) I was thinking of something to tie in with the "Rose" theme . . . maybe the "Rose Bouquet" room (bouquet representing all your different interests tied up into one room) or "the Paisley Rose" room. Wouldn't a paisley rose be cool? IDK!! Just a thought! :)

Susan S said...

I love Paisley Rose...maybe we should change our store name!

Susan S said...

...and Kate, I'd be honored if you stole my idea with the message painting!

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