Monday, January 13, 2014

My Brother in a Skirt

I like to travel. I really haven't done that much of it, but I've done enough to know I like to be a tourist. When someone is going on a trip, I always want to go along. Unfortunately, that job/money thing complicates my travel plans. However, I've learned you can "see" a lot of places without leaving home. Sometimes I hear of a place that for one reason or another is of interest to me.  I like to look it up and see what it is like. Here, let me show you...

Have you ever wondered what it looks like in Idaho Falls, ID? Click here and you see some photos of it. It's pretty, huh?

OK, let's try Houston, TX. Click here and you will get a chance to see some of Houston.

Can you see how I can waste an evening bopping around the internet? Well, one night I was doing that and I was looking at photos of Lead, SD. I went to this site and clicked to the right to look through some of their town's photos. I stopped when I saw this one.

It caught my eye because that guy just right of the center looked a lot like my brother!
My brother did learn to play the bagpipes once upon a time, but he's lived in Florida for several years now. So, I downloaded the photo and blew it up a bit, trying to get a better look.

Hmm...that guy had a goatee. The photos is blurry but I can see that much.
I don't think I ever saw my brother with a goatee...but still.
I kind of thought I remembered he once told me he played in some parade.
Then, I noticed that my photo program made note of the year that photo was taken - 2005.
OK, maybe? He was still living in Wyoming then.
Wyoming isn't far from South Dakota.

I finally spoke with my brother on the phone and made him click to that site.
Sure enough.
It's him!
He had no idea a photo of him was on the site of Lead, SD.

Now, wasn't that a weird little surprise?
I found a picture on the internet of my brother wearing a skirt.

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