Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I Miss Mr. Rogers

Recently I was talking with a friend about my new job where I am usually the first nursing contact for all patients coming for surgery. My friend told me she thinks I must be very good at this job as she thinks I have a calming personality. I have some very sweet friends!

Anyway, she said this to me, "You are like the Mr. Rogers of healthcare." I took that as one of the nicest compliments ever! I loved Mr. Rogers. Our son, Ben, used to watch him a lot. I liked that Mr. Rogers was so gentle-natured. He taught children how to have fun with the items found around them. Most importantly, though, he was always, always nice. I'm most certainly not always, always nice, but I try and I admire that in others.

I told our daughter, Maria, about the compliment I received. Tonight, I received a special pin on Pinterest from her. I thought it was delightful and decided I needed for all of you to enjoy it as well. So, enjoy away...

Yep, the word lost one of the good guys when he died.
I miss him, don't you?

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Pam Brewer said...

Mr. Rogers helped raise my son, Sam, when I was in nursing school. I'm grateful to him and PBS!

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