Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Similarities Between Bode and God

Driving home from work tonight, a strange thought entered my head. My thought was this... Bode and God have a lot in common.

It's true. Here's a few of the reasons I say this...
  • Whether we are gone from him for 3 days or 3 minutes, he is always so happy when we return.
  • He loves us, even when we've ignored him all day.
  • He doesn't hold a grudge; he's all full of forgiveness.
  • He waits for us, and waits for us, and waits for us.
  • Bode is always giving us gifts. When we come in the front door, he runs to get his favorite toy and brings it to us.  
  • Dog and God use the same letters.
Thankfully, God and Bode are not quite the same.
  • God doesn't splatter dog food all over the kitchen floor.
  • God loves us more gently. Bode is kind of rough.
  • It is appropriate to take God with us wherever we go.
  • God doesn't use his big old head to knock everything off the coffee table in one big sweep, just to watch it fall.
  • We don't have to clean up the yard after God... or do we? 

 (file photo Oct 2013)

Of note: While typing this post I had to jump up and stop Bode as he was chewing up one of those little blue plastic bags. You know the ones. They are meant to bag doggy doo doo when you take your dog for a public walk. Thankfully, it had not been used. This little side note rather highlights another way that God and Bode are NOT the same.

Anyway, as aggravating as Bode can be, I was feeling appreciative of his loving spirit tonight. 

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Allen said...

We love our dogs. I don't know what I would have done without mine.

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