Sunday, January 12, 2014

Impromptu Play-Doh Party

Last night, after our usual Sunday Night Family Dinner, I brought out the Play-Doh for the little girls to have some fun. Elise watched the pro go at it for a few seconds and she soon got the idea.

 She had a style all her own.

Cordelia was very focused. She knew exactly what she needed and she went to work on it.

Before we knew it, Maria was joining in on the fun.

Followed by our friend, Laura.

Next, Eric was drawn in.

He impressed Elise with his artistic talents as he quickly produced this bunny.

Maria whipped out a panda...

...and a little snail friend for the panda.

 I am not sure why Maria was so disapproving
of the work Elise and I did. Sometimes I guess those
artistic types can be kind of judgmental.

Bode lurked around under the table.
I was slow to realize he was cleaning up any that dropped.
Mike should have fun scooping the yard tomorrow!

Speaking of Mike, he never really got into it.
I think he didn't appreciate that we were all ignoring him.
He was really rather obnoxious, actually.

I think he just needed some attention.
It was pitiful, really.

 Well look at that!
Even Sam couldn't resist that soft, colorful stuff.

 Elise spent a LONG time tearing each piece of Play-Doh in her reach
into little tiny bits. She was very determined, very intent.

Laura made this cute little owl to match Elise's dress.
She gave it to Elise, who recognized it and said, "Who? Who?" as she
broke it down into little bits as well. 
Laura was brave; she held back her tears.

This is the result of Elise's hard work.

When did you enjoy the bright squishiness of Play-Doh?


Michelle said...

What fun!

Allen said...

Every time Gwen makes it for pre school

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