Monday, April 29, 2013

What Kind of Blog is This, Anyway?!

Admit it, that question crossed your mind, didn't it?

Perhaps you first came upon my blog when you were looking for a quick but delicious cookie recipe. The next time you stopped by you maybe happened upon one of my Movie Reviews.

Sometimes I'm talking about matters of faith or even featuring one of my husband's sermons,  but the next thing you know I'm telling you to get a colonoscopy.  I may be confessing dumb things or doing the world's worst tutorial. I've posted on things from birth to death. I post everyday but you really can't count on a particular theme from me on any given day.

When I look around at other blogs I find some that have cooking themes, some devoted totally to crocheting, others that are all about spirituality. There are people who seem to have an endless supply of tutorials, recipes, etc. I follow some of those blogs. They are kind of cool. Mine, though, just isn't like that.

For awhile, I worried about this. I thought I should pick a theme and go with it. I never settled into it, though. I just kept flitting around from topic to topic. When people ask me what my blog is about, I don't really know what to say.

I guess my blog is just about life. Sometimes life is routine, sometimes it is extraordinary. Sometimes the routine IS extraordinary.  Those are the best days!


Michelle said...

I like the flitting!

Allen said...

Would not want it any different. Love every blog.

Mom said...

Did you take Elise into a cattle chute?

Sue/Mom said...

Thanks, guys. Maria, you took that photo.

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