Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blessings for My Grandchildren

Thank you for the positive reactions to my jewelry tradition idea.  And yes, EJN, I'd be honored if you used the idea.  I'm sure I'm not the only grandma to do such a thing.

Let me tell you my favorite idea!  OK, it isn't original at all.  Bible stories mention blessings being given to children.  While I'm not sure if my idea of a blessing is quite what they were doing,  I decided I wanted to do a blessing.  I am not smooth enough to do it spontaneously so I planned ahead and wrote it all out.  I carried it around in my purse for weeks so that I'd have it with me for the birth.  Even though I had it memorized, I read it off the paper to be certain I got it exactly right.

Nearly three years ago, moments after Cordelia's birth, I spoke (actually cried) these words...

May the Lord come near to you and call you his own.
May he give you a sure heart and a kind spirit.
May you always know him as your source of strength.

I wrote out a copy for her baby book and it is my intention to cross-stitch it for her someday.

On Tuesday, when Elise was so new she was still steaming (not really), I spoke this blessing for her...

May God shelter you with mercy and wrap you in love.
May he pour into you both courage and compassion.
May you always trust him to light your path and be your power.

On both days I traced the cross on each girl's forehead.  If anyone wants to copy this plan, go for it.  If you have trouble getting started, try reading scripture.  I found inspiration from the Psalms as well as other passages.  I didn't directly use any particular Bible verse but maybe you'd like to.  Also, is there any reason this couldn't be done for a birthday or any other special day?  It doesn't have to be on the day of birth.  I'd love to hear your thoughts or ideas of ways to incorporate blessings.

I took about a thousand photos this week, but this one is my favorite.  Maria was so glad to be reunited with Cordelia after being separated from her during the last part of labor and the sweet sisters were having their first face-to-face.  Although Daddy isn't in the photo, he was just to the side of his girls.

People, it just doesn't get any better than this.


Anne Marie said...

Beautiful photo, wonderful moment in time to have captured. And I love your blessings! ♥

Mom said...

The look of adoration on Cordelia's face is priceless.

AKM said...

Oh, my. I audibly gasped seeing this photo. So very precious.

Michelle said...

You have such beautiful ideas. I hope your blessing custom spreads and spreads!

Your grandchildren are blessed to have such love.

Victoria said...

Oooooo Love THIS!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

Maria Rose said...

The blessings are such a wonderful gift and tradition! Our girls are well-loved. Thank you mom!!

elizabeth said...

this photo is beautiful!

your girls are beautiful.

and the love you speak to them is beautiful.

May God bless you richly, especially as you are mom and grandma.

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