Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Starting Traditions

I have become more and more aware of how precious tradition can be to the story of a family.  As such, I've got a few traditions I started when Cordelia was born; things I want to do for my grandchildren.

As I mentioned before, one thing I want to do is give each child some piece of jewelry that is mine but that they will inherit someday.  It doesn't need to be an expensive piece of jewelry.  I just wanted something that they see me wear, see in photos from the day of their birth, and something that represents what is important in my life.  I chose a ring with a cross on it for Cordelia's birth.

I made certain that I was photographed, holding newborn Cordy, with the ring in view.  I wear it frequently so that someday, when it is her's, she will remember it being mine.

This is what I have chosen for this next baby girl:

I've got it on and I am ready to go!  I think it will be soon! 


EJN said...

What a lovely idea, I'd like to highjack that one, may I? NOW, aren't I a pleasant thief. Ha
Blessings to you each and all as you await the littlest arrival. WHOO - HOO ...

Grace, Peace and Joy,

Niqui said...

That is so special.


AKM said...

LOVE this idea.

Maria Rose said...

Perfect. Of course!

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