Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sam's Last Year as a Teen

Sam turns 19 today!  Happy Birthday Sam!

It seems outrageous that it has been 19 years since this day... but it is true.

Sam was such a fun baby, adoring his older siblings.  However, Sam has always been a bit of an old soul.  That is, he seemed to think about things well beyond his years.  He's a watcher.  Even by about the age of 2 he was making comments to me about people that just blew me away.  He'd notice if someone was on the edges of a group or seemed withdrawn.  He's just always been insightful about human behavior.  

Little known fact: In Jr. High School Sam won the Kindness Award.  The recipient of this award is chosen by students AND teachers.  Sam won other awards during his school years, but none that made us more proud than the Kindness Award.  Sam is one of the World's Good Guys.

Sam is now just about 6'4" so he's a bit bigger than he was when the above photo was taken.  He's still a sweet boy.  His siblings are still very important to him.  He's good and kind and loving and sweet.  What more could a mother ask for?

Happy Birthday, Sam!  

Enjoy the last of your teen years. 
Know that you are well-loved.


Maria Rose said...

Happy birthday baby brother!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chantel said...

Ah, your Sam sounds like my Brennan. When he was eight, he began to cry saying he didn't want to go to heaven...because anything that doesn't end wouldn't be fun. Not even a birthday party or Christmas--that the fact it ended made it wonderful to have and to remember and to look forward to. What eight year-old thinks like that? lol He's 11 now....I cannot imagine 20.

Happy birthdy Sam...

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