Monday, July 23, 2012

Sam's Party

OK, so it wasn't much of a party by most people's standards.  However, I can't think of any better way to celebrate Sam's birthday than to just have a sweet family evening.  Sam prefers to keep things low-key and I prefer to please Sam.

We ordered Pizza from two different places, meeting the dietary requirements and personal preferences of all.  One of the delivery guys stood at our door reminiscing because he said our house was the first place he'd delivered pizza when he first started.  He remembered that we had weird orders. He didn't say that straight off but did agree when I asked him about it. We do have weird orders.  All are veggie pizzas. One pizza is vegan, with no cheese. One has cheese but no sauce that would bother people with reflux.  Sam prefers his pizza to have just black olives.  He likes Dominoes Pizza but we usually don't order from them as they don't have a vegan version and they put too much garlic in it for a lot of us.  It was Sam's birthday, though, so, I ordered from two different places.  I wonder what the neighbors thought of that!

After dinner we just enjoyed our time together. We told stories, we missed Ben and Sara, we laughed and we were grateful.  I'll  just let you check out some of the photos.

What did you all do this week-end?  Did you get time to enjoy your families as well?


Maria Rose said...

I did get to spend time with my family! :)

Lisa said...

Sounds like a nice evening

Emily said...

I like the pink cupcakes! Glad he had a good birthday!

AKM said...

What a fun time!

(I do believe that while the regular Domino's crust is NOT vegan, the thin crust is, in case you want to try that!)

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