Saturday, July 21, 2012

Survival of the Fittest

As long as I confessed about my less than enthusiastic approach to growing a vegetable garden, I may as well tell you about my flowers.  

I have some mighty fine flowers, really I do.  I have  pots with annuals that are quite pretty.  So far, I've watered them every evening this summer...almost.

I have some Russian Sage that is thriving.

I planted some Creeping Jenny that seems to love this soil.  It is fairly well-behaved.  I like it because I planted it in memory of our niece, Jennifer.

When we first moved to this property 8 years ago, there was a huge mound of dirt in the front yard where previous owners had done some sewer work or something.  Maria and Eric came and spent a lot of time helping me turn it into a lovely garden.  I was very proud of it for several years.  Then, when I wasn't paying attention, it became all shaggy.  I started noticing that some beautiful perennials didn't make it through the winter.  Eventually, some of the plants that were meant just for filling in the bare spots seemed to be overtaking the prettier flowers.  I've forgotten what this ferny stuff is called but it certainly thrives in this soil that used to be the bottom of a river bed.  It is definitely winning the "Survival of the Fittest" contest in my flower garden right now.

And then there is this stuff.  I was quite pleased with its durability the first year or two.  Now, I'm regretting that I ever planted it.  I forget what its called as well.  It's something like Ice on the Glacier or Snow on the Mountain.  Anyone know?  Anyway, it wants to take over our whole lawn now.  Maybe I should just let it.  No, I'm kidding.  We have a plan to get it under control.  But I do kind of wonder why we don't grow things like that to cover our front lawn.  It grows  great.  It doesn't mind being mowed.  And it is a suvivor.

But, alas, I really do have one plant that makes me proud.  No surprise, I've lost the name of it as well.  Not to worry.  I just decided to make up my own name for it.  It is my Umbrella Star.  See, it begins all closed up like this, like a closed umbrella.

Then, Twaaa-Laaa, it becomes a brilliant, blue star!

Isn't that just so cool?  The color is such a bright periwinkle.  I hope I don't kill it.


Maria Rose said...

Oh it is such a pretty flower

EJN said...

How very beautiful. I love your flower garden. :0]

Anne Marie said...

The "ferny" stuff in the first photo looks like yarrow (or achillia). I learned the hard way that it will quickly take over everyting. Along with spreading from roots, yarrow seeds germinate on top of the soil, and yarrow makes A LOT of little seeds! I planted a single one 6 years ago, and I've been ripping tons of it out ever since, and suppose I always will be. I have let a few of them stay, but I try to deadhead them quickly.

Chantel said...

Such lovely flowers! I made the mistake last summer of spraying our front lawn with a "weed and feed" without taking into consideration the exact percentage of said lawn that was indeed, weeds. Oops. I've spent a YEAR attempting to plant and nurture our crispy yard.

Next year, flowers. :)

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